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Commending the recent landmark judgment by the Supreme Court in the Bilkis Bano case, Irrigation and Civil Supplies Minister Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy lauded the court’s decision against the Gujarat government’s attempt to grant remission to 11 convicts. He underscored the importance of upholding justice and cautioned against compromising it for political gains, emphasizing the potential threat to the democratic system.

Uttam Kumar Reddy asserted that the Supreme Court’s ruling laid bare the true nature of the BJP, revealing its role as a patron of criminals in the nation. He praised Bilkis Bano’s steadfast determination as a symbol of justice prevailing over the overbearing BJP government, expressing satisfaction that the judicial process had triumphed. “The verdict has exposed the BJP’s anti-women policies, fostering increased public trust in the justice system,” he said in a media statement on Tuesday.

Extolling Bilkis Bano for her resilience, Uttam Kumar Reddy contended that the judgment revealed the BJP’s indifferent attitude towards women. He characterized the decision as a rebuke to those supporting the unlawful release of criminals, emphasizing the need for justice to transcend religious or caste considerations in India. He called for apologies from the BJP governments at the Centre and in Gujarat to Bilkis Bano in light of the Supreme Court’s decision.

Highlighting the court’s findings, Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized the petitioner’s approach as lacking integrity and involving fraudulent documents, implicating the Gujarat government in supporting such actions. He described this as a severe rebuke to the BJP Government and applauded the judgment for its condemnation of those facilitating the release of criminals.

Expressing admiration for Bilkis Bano’s transformation from victim to survivor and fighter, Uttam Kumar Reddy cited her as an inspiring example for women nationwide battling against sexual and communal crimes. Reflecting on the two-decade journey, he expressed hope that justice was finally reaching Bilkis Bano, emphasizing the importance of not overlooking heinous acts and ensuring that perpetrators do not go unpunished.

Drawing attention to the Supreme Court’s remark on the BJP government’s lack of respect for the law and justice system, Uttam Kumar Reddy reiterated the court’s assertion that the grant of remission to the convicts was a “classic case” of using a Supreme Court order to violate the law. The judgment exposed the Gujarat government’s conduct, leading to the transfer of the case to the CBI and trial to the Special Court at Mumbai.

In a sharp critique, Uttam Kumar Reddy declared that the Supreme Court’s verdict on Bilkis Bano had unveiled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hollow claims on women empowerment in India. He expressed optimism that the judgment would serve as a precedent against future rapists, condemning BJP leaders for standing with the perpetrators and demanding apologies from both Gujarat and Central BJP governments for their role in the release of the convicts. (eom)

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