Telangana Government tapping my phones. Governor TamilSai Soundararajan salivation against CM K CR .


My Phones are being tapped Telangana Governor Makes phone tapping allegation against KCR Government

Telangana State Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan once again made sensational comments against the Telangana government. She said that there is a suspicion that the Telangana government  tapping her phone. She also said that the Governor’s office is Raj Bhavan… not like Pragati Bhavan,  the gates of Raj Bhavan are always open for the people. , she made sensational allegations against the TRS government in a media conference organized at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday.

Tamilisai said that they tried to implicate Raj Bhavan in the case of trying to buy MLAs. She said that as part of this, the name of Tushar, who had previously worked with her as an ADC, was mentioned. She alleged that posts were made on official Twitter accounts saying that Raj Bhavan had a role in this affair. She said that seeing all these situations, she is getting a suspicion that her phone is also being tapped. As a result, her personal freedom is being disturbed. Tamilisai said that if  wants to tap his phone… ..If CM KCR ask my phone  I will hand over  to him 

Tamilisai said that there is no truth in the propaganda that government bills are pending in Raj Bhavan. She said that he will sign the bills approved by the government only after examining them. She claims that this is also her destiny.

She said that the respective bills should be studied comprehensively so as not to make mistakes in those matters. That is what he is doing now. She said that he is examining the bills sent by the government and that is also being examined according to priorities. She stated that the government has taken action only after her suggestions on many issues.


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