Rahul Gandhi  Speech at Bharat Jodo Garjana At Jakkal  Public Meeting 

We have started the Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

– Since 10-15 days we are walking in Telangana and now we are moving to Maharashtra.

– I am happy to have met so many Telangana people through out the yatra and also feel sad leaving Telangana.

– Telangana Karyakartas worked tirelessly for the yatra. Though Media hasn’t focused on them, I have seen their effort and work for the yatra.

– You have lift up not only Congress flag but also the Indian flag as high, as you are doing since years.

– Congress Karyakartas does not pertain to any single religion, race or caste. They are from all sections of the society. They are our assets.

– On my previous visits to Telangana, it was very formal interaction with the people and now we all the congress leaders seen the real Telangana through this yatra.

– I happened to meet all sections of the state and could hear all there issues.

– I am happy seeing the spirit of Telangana people.

– I was able to get a good understanding of the length and breaths of Telangana and this can be seen in every ones eyes ,who are part of this Yatra.

– As part of BJY, I see people willing to meet us and give their representations.

– A kid was very enthusiastic to meet me and fell down multiple times in the process due to huge crowd and yet, he still managed to come back and meet me, this is the zeal of Telangana people.

– This voice of Telangana is worth listening. All the people of the state are so strong and firm in their decisions and their thought process .This needs to be the spirit of India and the rest has to learn from people of Telangana.

– Yet, these people are not able to go to hospitals here, as the KCR Govt is privatizing the hospitals, this will increase the burden on people and as they could not afford treatment they could die.

– People are not able to get their education and are investing lakhs of rupees for education since Govt is privatizing the education system and degrading its standards in state.

– Girijans met me in the yatra and say Indira Gandhi govt gave them homes and UPA govt has enacted Tribal Bill.

– TRS govt has never implemented the bill and instead they are looting the lands of girijans, not giving the land rights to the owners.

– I assure from this stage that once the *Congress govt comes to power, we shall give the Land Rights to their owners*

– I haven’t met any farmer throughout the yatra who is happy and earning profits in farmers in the State.

– 72,000 crores farmer loan waiver has done by then UPA govt. and *We shall do complete farmer loan waiver once coming to power*.

– We shall give the MSP rates to all the crops from the farm and benefit farmers.

– KCR, every day morning is concerned about altering irrigation projects so that he gets Commissions and at night he looks at Dharani portal to loot the land.

– TRS works for the benefit for 5 % people and this will never give welfare to commoners and provide employment to any in state with the state govt’s attitude.

– I see in Lok Sabha, TRS supports all the bills of Modi govt, including the farmers bill when all the opposition in the nation is against it TRS has supported Modi.

– TRS and BJP are one at the same. They are to loot the people and benefit their friends and family only.

– Railway and PSUs are targeted and privatized to benefit some sections of the society and this is similar attitude of Modi and KCR.

– With GST and Demonetization Modi Govt has destroyed the small industries and thus employment got heavily affected.They are intentionally spreading fear with their policies, which will turn out to be hatred and leads to violence.

– I have started this Yatra to address all these hatred, violence and faulty policies. In this process, I have received so much love and affection from people, I have seen lakhs of people joining the yatra and blessing us and supporting us.

I and congress party are whole heartedly thank all the people.           I shall never forget the love, affection and the spirit of Telangana people and will forever cherish my journey with Telangana in this yatra. Thank you.