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TPCC president Revanth Reddy criticized that if KCR is elected to power once again, it will not be Kisan Sarkar but liquor Sarkar. He spoke to the media along with AICC spokesperson Pawan Khera at the AICC headquarters in Delhi on Wednesday. KCR gave the slogan Ab Ki Bar Kisan Sarkar. But Revanth criticized that it would be

Kcr’s family has an inextricable connection with liquor. His daughter Kavitha has been accused in the Delhi liquor scam. After TRS came to power in Telangana, state government’s income from liquor increased from Rs.10,500 crores to Rs.36,000 crores. KCR also bought some major media houses in Telangana to keep under his control and hence Congress is questioning the government on public issues with social media as a platform.

State police have claimed that there is a conspiracy to topple the government, but how can they search Congress party war room without registering an FIR and without giving a notice?
Late last night 200 policemen came in mufti to the Congress war room where there are also women working without any prior notice nor any warrant. 50 computers were taken away from the premises and data destroyed. our leaders who went there to support the staff were met with arrests. Five people have been arrested in this case and their whereabouts unknown. We have filed a habeas corpus petition in the court today keeping in mind the attack on democracy & freedom of speech. Attack on our party war room will not be taken lightly. We will reach out to public and make them aware of this undemocratic procedures to shut us down. We will raise this issue in the Parliament as well.

For the past eight years, KCR and Modi govts have been hand in glove with each other. The Central and State Governments are working together to coin money and get elected to power again. people of Telangana are watching the dramas of BRS and BJP unfold.

Does KCR want to bring Modi model rule in Telangana? Narendra Modi Ji’s policy is ICE (Income Tax, CBI, ED), NICE (Narcotics, Income Tax, CBI, ED). Ice and Nice models will not be tolerated in Telangana.

BRS office opened in Delhi today. Kumaraswamy ji and Akhilesh Yadav ji graced the event. We request them not to support a corrupt and undemocratic government.

KCR’s political party is being converted into a private limited company. KTR miffed with his sister Kavitha’s importance in the BRS party office inauguration, remained absent today. Plastic surgery does not change the DNA of a person. Also, just by changing the name of a party does not change the DNA of TRS. Everyone knows what KCR DNA is.

Plastic surgery can only change the appearance and not the thoughts of a person. Even if TRS becomes BRS, there will be no alliance with that party. Our motto is anti-BRS, anti-KCR.

Rahul Gandhi ji’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in South India till November 8 was a phenomenal success. Fearing this success, Modi left important elections of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi Municipality and toured Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala on November 11 and 12.
General elections and by-elections are very different. TRS won the by-election in 2001 when KCR resigned, TDP came second and Congress third. But Congress government was formed in 2004 under the leadership of Rajasekhara Reddy

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