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We will open the sugar factory in Korutla within six months when the Congress party comes to power..Revanth Reddy

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When the Congress party comes to power, we will open the sugar in Korutla region in six months,” said TPCC President Revanth Reddy. As part of Yatra for Change Padayatra, on the 25th day a padayatra was undertaken from Ailapur village under Korutla constituency to Korutla. Later, he addressed the Jana Sabha held at Korutla Ambedkar Circle.Can you tell me what KCR did for this region when he was in power as CM twice? Kaleshwaram water has reached Korutla? Hardships of turmeric farmers of this region are innumerable. If they invest Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand per acre.. they end up committing suicide.

In this area, BRS has not done anything except the development done by Ratnakar Rao back then.What did the BRS MLA do to this area? In 2011 Legislative Council elections, BJP supported BRS. Isn’t it a fact that this MLA was sold to Kiran Kumar Reddy for crores of rupees? Isn’t it true that you were suspended from TRS that day? Vidya Sagar Rao, who sold his vote to Andhras, was again given ticket by KCR.What is KCR’s share in Andhra’s money? Kavitha promised to open the sugar factory in 100 days. MLA said that people can hang him to the gate of the sugar factory if the factory is not opened. Kavitha promised opening of the sugar factory and when she failed, people voted her out in the parliamentary elections. And why did you leave Kalvakuntla Vidyasagar Rao? If you think about it, Kavitha herself istrampled to the underworld… Vidyasagar Rao will be spared? Gundu said that he will bring the turmeric board in five days.. The board has never come.

Telangana was formed on the foundations of many sacrifices. KCR who claimed to have brought Telangana was given a chance twice. KCR has not fulfilled any promise given in nine years. Why doesn’t Asaduddin ask KCR to give 12 percent reservation to Muslims? Give one chance to the Congress which has promised Telangana. 2024, Congress will come to power on January 1. For every poor person who builds a house, Rs. 5 lakhs will be provided. Farmers do not pay loans to banks.. Congress will come.. Rs. 2 lakhs loan waiver. We will fill 2 lakh government job vacancies within a year of coming to power. We give a gas cylinder for Rs.500 to the poor and support the girl children.


TPCC President Revanth Reddy visited Mutyampeta sugarcane factory. Talked to the farmers on this occasion. Like Haryana, farmers here grow profitable crops. The farmers here support themselves by providing work to ten people. Farmers of this region are richer than Godavari districts. Farmers played a vital role in Telangana movement. No sugar factory has closed down in the united state. The sugar factory was closed the moment KCR came to power. Farmers who live with self-respect have been brought to the situation of committing suicide. Kavitha who visited this area said that the factory will be opened in 100 days. KCR announced in the assembly that the sugar factory is a closed chapter. If our self-respect is the end of the chapter… KCR’s power in Telangana will also be the end of the chapter. Can’t you run a sugar factory in a state with a budget of 3 lakh crores? KCR who can’t even run a sugar factory can’t run the state. KCR does not deserve to continue in power even for a minute. The person who said he will bring tirmeric board has failed to fulfill the promise. This government is not providing support price for any crop. KCR said that if you sow rice, it will be akin to hanging. 

Is this the Ab Ki Bar Kisan Sarkar that KCR is talking about? KCR, who called Telangana a seed bowl, is now shutting down industries. KCR is conspiring to kill agriculture in Telangana. We will open a sugar factory in six months when Congress comes to power. Don’t go towards BJP with anger on KCR. If you look at the BJP, it is like falling from the pan into the oven. Why not open a factory to support 10 lakh acres of sugarcane farmers. Can’t 0.1 percent fund be allocated for farmers? KCR should suppress his arrogance. Farmers are credited with fighting anti-farmer black laws and getting Modi to roll back the laws. All of you unite with the spirit of Haryana farmers who bent Modi’s necks. You don’t have to go around political parties. If you fight unitedly, political parties will come after you. Let’s see how the factory doesn’t open, how the turmeric board does not come. Our support is always there for your fight. Congress prioritizes the welfare of farmers over political interests. We will be responsible for opening the sugar factory within six months under the new government. Chhattisgarh model governance is needed in the state. Government of Chhattisgarh is providing financial assistance of 9 thousand per acre to the farmers. I am throwing a challenge to KCR.. It is up to you whether the agriculture minister will come or the IT minister will come. Let’s discuss Congress rule and BRS rule. Our way is of supporting farmers.. BRS’s way is of farmer suicides.

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