CM Revanth Reddy inquires about NDSA interim report on Medigadda


Irrigation minister Uttam Kumar Reddy explains the NDSA recommendations to CM

Field visit of Medigadda , Sundilla and pump houses soon : CM says

State Cabinet to discuss NDSA report

Honourable Chief Minister Sri A Revanth Reddy inquired about the recommendations made by the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) in the interim report on Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project and the measures needed to be taken . The Chief Minister held a meeting with state Irrigation minister N Uttam Kumar Reddy at the Secretariat today ( Saturday). Ministers Tummala Nageswara Rao, Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, J Krishna Rao, Konda Surekha and CM’s Adviser Vem Narender Reddy are also present.

The NDSA has recently submitted an interim report on the repairs and temporary restoration of the damaged Medigadda and Sundilla barrages which are considered the most important structures in the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation scheme.

Uttam Kumar Reddy explained all the important points and recommendations made in the interim report to the CM and the ministers. The NDSA made it clear in 2019 that danger is lurking around the barrages and the risk factor is not ruled out even after the repairs and restoration measures are taken up at the damaged structures.

In view of the beginning of the monsoon season in a month , the Chief Minister said that the measures to be taken in the meantime will have to be discussed in the cabinet meeting. Government will take a decision whether to repair the damaged structures or any alternative measures in consultation with the irrigation department.

The CM said that these crucial issues could not be discussed in detail since the cabinet meeting scheduled in the afternoon has been postponed. The Chief Minister said that a field level visit and inspection of the Medigadda, Sundilla barrages and the pump houses needs to be conducted soon.


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